Check To See Trash Can Cleaning Is Available Your Area!

All Services Are Pre-Pay

Monthly and quarterly cleanings are billed 3 cleanings at a time.

Additional trash cans can be added to all plans.

Upon completing this form, you will receive a booking confirmation by text and email with the earliest possible cleaning day. If you do not receive these emails, please check your spam folder.

All Service Plans Are Pre-Pay

  • Monthly – $20/month for 2 cans*
  • Quarterly – $30/quarter for 2 cans*
  • One-Time – $40 for 2 cans
  • Additional Cans – $5/each

*Monthly and Quarterly plans are billed 3 cleanings at a time.
**All Plans cycle to the following season.

Trash Can Cleaning Schedule

  • Monthly service runs on a 4-week schedule
  • Quarterly service runs on a 12-week schedule
  • One-Time cleanings receive priority scheduling

Our cleaning season is from March 1st through October 31st.